March was a blur . . .

Well I noticed this morning that I didn’t even make a post to the blog during March. Overall, March was just a blur for me. I was very busy at work and I spent every weekend working on the Sawmill Hare Scramble course. The warmer than usual weather was good and bad, but that is all a matter of perspective.

The warm weather was bad in that it was hot to work in for so early in the season and the leaves on the trees came on about 6 weeks ahead of schedule. This made for more trail clearing work and it messed with the schedule of the KyFromAbove project that we’re managing at work. How was anyone to know that Spring would come a month and half early!

We also spent one day in March scouting a new venue over in Wolfe County. This is near the Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge State Park. The terrain is very unique in terms of what we’ve had to work with in the past. There is a totally different variety of trees and ground is sandy. Looks like we’ll have 6 weekends to cut the course from scratch. It is a long drive, but the venue is needed and it will be a welcome addition to the KORHS schedule. Below is a photo I took on the way to the property. Enjoy!

Panoramic View of Wolfe County
Panoramic View of Wolfe County

See you on the trail!