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Chain Saw Carrier Project

One of the guys I rode with in 2008 when I went to Idaho the first time sent me a photo of his bike. Two things really jumped out at me. First of all, there was a chainsaw fastened to some fabricated mounting mechanism over the front fender on this bike. Secondly, it had a long, wide scabbard with a 2-foot hand saw in it (see photo below). Wow! I’d never seen anything like that before on a bike. Hmmm . . . what’s that all about?

Hand Saw on a KTM
Hand Saw on a KTM

We’ll as I’ve noted in the past, these guys are truly trail stewards. They take the time to clear any logs down across a trail and keep it only single-track width. As a result, they’ve become friends with the mountain bikers that now realize the motorcycle guys carrying the chainsaws are the ones keeping those flowing trails open and free of all the dead fall. It is hard for most to imagine how many trees are down in those woods (they call it “dead fall”) and how often they fall across a trail.

For the past few years I’ve relied on a quad (or Jesse) to get a chainsaw to a given location where it was needed. It has worked well, but I’m ready to move forward and setup some way to carry a saw on the YZ . . . or WR. It would be so handy for trail work and I could take it out West if needed. One guy we ride with uses the rear mount made by Pro Moto Billet

A new view . . .

At the most basic level, the header photo on the blog has changed. The photo was taken this Spring in Wolfe County, Kentucky. My attempt to capture the landscape does not do it justice. There were rolling hills and massive cliffs in the foreground and ridge tops from a couple counties away with water tanks perched upon high so as to achieve maximum pressure. I changed the header because a friend noted that there were snow capped mountains on my page. Having not been to Kentucky before, he wondered if we really had snow capped mountains like out West. So, I switched it up for a new look and to let him (and others) see what Kentucky looks like.

Additionally, I just returned from an extended vacation to a small city named “Stanley” in the Sawtooth Mountains of central Idaho. Returning from a trip like this usually leaves me with a different take on things. A new view or perspective on life . . . or maybe not so much “new” but possibly more “energized” . . . maybe that is a better way of stating it. Being off work for a month causes me to contemplate retirement and everything that goes along with it. I’ve been planning for retirement for many, many years now and hopefully Kim and I will be able to live comfortably in our later years.

View of Marten Lake in the Sawtooth Range
View of Marten Lake in the Sawtooth Range

I’m also drawn farther and farther away from my desire to “compete” in off road racing. Doing an Enduro from time to time seems attractive, but I have little interest in racing hare scrambles. I enjoy working on the courses in the Spring, but anything after June is just plain brutal. The heat, humidity, bugs, and thick undergrowth make trail cutting miserable at best. It takes all the fun out of it . . . makes me think about not doing it at all and just spending that time riding and having fun.

My view of work also changes a bit after being gone for four weeks. I’m certainly re-energized and I know there is plenty to get done in the next several weeks. Having fun and challenging things to do at work keeps me engaged and leaves little time for getting bored. I’m lucky to have a great job that I enjoy and that allows Kim and I to take off such long periods of time. It’s always good to have “a new view” of your life . . .

See you on the trail!