The weather . . .

It is true that I have some addiction to weather. I check the Precision Agricultural Weather Forecast from the UK Agricultural Weather Center for my county at least 2-3 times a day and certainly have my Kentucky Weather Mapping site on the KYGEONET up in a browser window if a big front is coming through. Generally, I keep a close tab on the weather.

Kentucky Weather Mapping Site
Kentucky Weather Mapping Site


Knowing what’s going on with the weather helps me plan a great variety of things. Not just what to wear (although that is a bonus) but what it is going to be like on Saturday or Sunday. Is it going to be good enough one day or another to work on trails or ride? Anything above 20 degrees is fine with me for getting out. It’s all about the gear!

Additionally, I consider the weather, or more specifically the seasons, when planning vacations, work outdoors around the house, or even course layout. It plays a big role and so many folks just exist within it and take it for granted. Most aren’t happy when it rains or snows, but it just a part of it all. The more snow the better!!

Remotely, I watch the weather in some places out West. My favorite for sure is the Sawtooth Camera. It shows snapshots of the Sawtooth Mountain Range in Central Idaho from a person’s home in Stanley, Idaho. A place that we really like to visit both winter and summer. I’ve been there when there was 3 foot of snow on the ground and when it was 80 degrees (which is hot for this mountain town). Both are really neat and are a great contrast to the climate here in Kentucky. Another place we like to monitor remotely is the Tetons! The National Parks Service has an air quality page and web camera that shows the Tetons from a viewpoint east of the mountains.

One other thing I like to track is the snowfall amounts on two summits in Central Idaho. One is the Galena Summit that you go over each time you head up to Stanley through the Sawtooth Valley. The other is the Atlanta Summit that is west and south a bit of Galena. The Snowtel sites show the snow depth and other cool info.

So, have fun with the weather! I find it to be very useful and engaging!

See you on the Trail!